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Cutie Mark Crusaders and the Arena of Politics

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 506456/cutie-mark-crusaders-and-the-arena-of-politics

Published: Nov '21

Review in No. 37787067
'Cutie Mark Crusaders and the Arena of Politics' is a four thousand and nine hundred-word comedy shortfic, featuring the CMC whose newest idea is to engage in politics. Only they have no idea what it is. Comedy ensues as the fillies ask several ponies to explain what politicians do and take their metaphors or analogies at face value. Soon after Twilight receives a report of weird noises coming from a nearby cave and things disappearing from Ponyville. No culprit is ever found, only tiny hoofprints left behind. Suspecting "Gnome Ponies," a supposedly extinct species, behind the crimes, she sets out to investigate. The two subplots converge in a bombastic finale featuring the quite literal arena of politics and not just one, but two massive misunderstandings.
I've actually laughed out loud at several parts of the story. From the CMC's endearing naivety, to their creative reinterpretation of what politics is, to even Twilight's desperation to wow other ponies, the comedy in this fic is simply phenomenal. Seeing the CMC enter an illegal wrestling arena, dressed up in costumes and all, only to engage in pleasantries and moral dilemmas is exactly the sort of humor that's my weakness. Without necessary setup it'd be lolrandumb, but because the whole fic has built up to this, it works incredibly well.
I only have two minor issues with the story, but they're nowhere near severe enough to seriously affect my enjoyment. One was this throwaway joke:
>wondering if they would get their cutie marks in “digging holes” and “pretending there never was a third Crusader”.
Despite the CMC's dangerous antics, this felt very OOC, especially with how good their characterization is in the rest of the fic. Surely they'd be devastated if one of them caused the death of another. The other issue was that I feel like the first chapter's pacing stumbled a little bit. Bringing up Pinkie Pie then dismissing her several times was a bit pointless and while visiting Rainbow Dash makes narrative sense due to Scootaloo's infatuation with her, her "advice" was mostly a reiteration of AJ's. But again, I'm just grasping for straws, because the story is otherwise hilarious.
Overall: 9/10 Short, sweet and funny. It might not be the next Easthorse or BP, but for what it set out as a goal - make the audience laugh, - I think this story achieved this very well. I highly recommend it.