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The Princess's Speech

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 506374/the-princesss-speech

Published: Nov '21

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'The Princess' Speech' is a one thousand and four hundred-word, Tuna-flavored oneshot. Luna is tasked with writing a speech for appearing at a charity, but she has no idea what to write and her frustration certainly doesn't help either. After several dozen attempts, she's painfully aware that she could ask anyone else for help and they'd gladly oblige, but her pride dissuades her from doing so. Finally she caves and asks her SO, Twilight. As expected, the two quickly whip up a plan and the story ends with a much more relieved Luna delivering a finally complete speech.
Due to the story's length there is little to really discuss in terms of positives and negatives. While this story isn't a comedy, I did find Luna's pettiness and anger, and the implied dynamics with her sister amusing. The romance stuff is sweet enough, though it also felt very surface level to me. I'm sure someone who's invested in the genre could gauge this better. Ultimately, not much happens in this story, Luna simmers in her own pot for most of the story, then the conflict is quickly resolved. There is nothing wrong with this, after all this is a SoL oneshot, just if your expectations are perhaps higher, then you might end up being disappointed.
Overall: 6/10 It's a short and sweet story, but nothing's really gonna stick in your memory from it. Regardless, if you like soft-romance and light, situational humor, I recommend it.