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Anonymous Letter to Celestia

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 341573/anonymous-letter-to-celestia

Published: Aug '16

Review in No. 37815051
'Anonymous Letter To Celestia' is a one thousand and four hundred-word oneshot presented in letter format. Anonymous feels wronged by his own world, so he decides to create his own by taking over Equestria in a coup. Using their supernatural powers he intends to achieve a "perfect world." Or at least that's the goal, as Anon himself admits that his plan, while well thought out, is ultimately not foolproof and rather cowardly asks that if he's to be defeated, he'd rather be summarily executed than sent back to Earth.
From an author who clearly displayed his skills with 'Biblical Monsters', this story feels very-very amateurish. Not only does it whizz by with extreme speed, but it also just feels, for lack of a better term, like the manifesto of an edgy teen. Anon breaks out in a long, pretentious tirade about how humanity is nothing more than hairless apes whom are all terrible and bound by earthly vices. He also claims that through "self-financing" and "decades of work" he figured out a way to travel between dimensions. Then he describes his plan which is basically "I make infinite copies of myself using the Mirror Pool, give up." It's not even that it doesn't make sense, but it's just so... unceremonious, I guess? Plus, while not assassinating the previous leaders of a system might lead to being less vilified, but it also provides a convenient anchor for would-be revolutionaries and, having apparently thought of everything, it's hard to believe that Anon didn't consider this. As he claims in the letter, he has rifles and he's not above committing atrocities to achieve "perfection", so surely he'd have no qualms with a sniper attack. Finally, the letter addresses Twilight as a Princess, and implies intimate knowledge of the royal family, yet there is exactly zero mention of the Crystal Empire which based on the relative timeframe should already be long rediscovered and Shining Armor is still a Guard Captain. When is this fic exactly supposed to happen?
Overall: 2/10 This story feels like meaningless wish-fulfillment through a cartoonish supervillain speech. Can't recommend.