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Published: Jun '19Jun '21

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The biggest issue, as expected, was all the talk about "folds" and stuff. I can almost overlook the talk about hands, and forgive the bipedal anatomy description during the bondage scenes and all, but the unambiguously human vaginas hindered enjoyment a lot. And I was hoping to gloss over the parts where that was the focus, but really with half the fic involving conditioning through sexual stimulation, it was pretty hard. Even a weird mental image of some kinda horsepussy on anthro wouldn't work at all with the constant mention of "fingers spreading folds" et cetera.
I suppose that would be my main complaint plot-wise, too. I don't know why, but mental conditioning through sexual pleasure doesn't do too much for me. I was hoping for either a hypnotic conditioning focus, or just outright mind control shenanigans (a la Friendship is Mind Control). The first chapter unironically had some great hypnosis (up until the human vagina was mentioned to sour things up), but then some pretty deep obedience triggers were implanted and from then on were treated like mind control commands. I suppose there's mention of Luna using magic which can give a cop-out for the unrealistic hypnosis - "it's magically enhanced", "it's subtle mind control" - but it still feels like a bit of a cop-out. The bulk of the fic being just Luna abusing her magically infaillible triggers to sexually condition Celestia was almost great fun, but the anthro spoiled a lot of the enjoyment of the sex scenes, and the lack of focus on hypnosis - instead focusing on the aforementioned sex - meant that overall, I finished the story more because I wanted to see how it would end due to being hooked on the high-level plot by the first chapter, rather than due to being invested in everything that was actually happening. If it was much longer, I'd have probably ended up dropping it, though thankfully as it is it didn't go on so long that I feel like I wasted my time or anything.