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Rainbow's Cool Saga of Bad Decisions

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 306584/rainbows-cool-saga-of-bad-decisions

Published: Dec '15

Review in No. 37823748
Rainbow's cool saga of bad decisions is a 3500 word story starring rainbow dash. Winter has come to ponyville and through a complex combination of bad logic, penny pinching, and bravado manages to get a house that doesn't have insulation in winter. What follows is a desperate mad dash to warm up in a childish manner. I like stupid dash, this delivers. A lot of the humor delivers rather well, and Lyras scene actually made me audibly cackle on the bus I was reading this on. A little short for my tastes, and there's not a lot of meat here for me to sink my teeth into, but its a short sweet comedy that made me laugh. 7/10