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Dragon Dance

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 503595/dragon-dance

Published: Nov '21

Review in No. 37829718
'Dragon Dance' is a one thousand and five hundred-word oneshot in which a dragon and a knight face off against each other. Things don't end up like the dragon expects, however, and the story ends happily as the two dance to the knight's music.
As the story is very short and saying almost anything about it would be spoiler, I'd cut this review rather short: Despite the fic's length and ultimately not that much happening, I regardless loved almost everything in it. From the knight's unexpected behavior to the dragon's slow realization and the soft-worldbuilding
>Dashes do not bear star sigils on their armor.
the fic tells a story that's both intriguing and comfy. There are a few questions remaining that I would have loved to see answered, but I can't really chalk this up as an issue, because the story is still perfectly enjoyable without them. I also really like the prose. It's both playful and surprisingly solemn at the same time, giving the story a very unique atmosphere.
Overall: 7/10 Short, comfy and the author uses a very interesting style. I recommend this story.