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Background Pony

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 19198/background-pony

Published: Apr '12Nov '12

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It's certainly above average and fairly gripping, but I can't confidently call it either entertaining or good. If I had nothing better to read, it'd be a steal. But it's really not of the calibre that I'd expect from what's allegedly one of the fandom's best works. Chapter 2 opened with some borderline pretentious philosophy and it seemed to stick on that topic when I scrolled much further down. I'd chance it if I had much more faith in the author, but chapter 1 had similar issues and therefore didn't give me that faith. This might seem like a small amount of chapters to judge the work on, but as I recall, the chapters are so large that two chapters is more than enough information for a drop or not decision. I therefore dropped it during chapter 2.