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This Town is Wrong

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 488598/this-town-is-wrong

Published: Feb '21

Review in No. 37858176
'This Town is Wrong' is a one thousand and two-hundred word horror oneshot featuring two OCs. The story follows the duo whom, after a week of camping in an uninhabited forest, stumble upon a weird town. Not only is the town itself seemingly bending the laws of reality, its inhabitants to turn out to be far more sinister than they expected.
I'm not sure if I'd call the idea of writing a horror fic in close to one thousand words brave or stupid. I'm sure there are authors there who could pull it off, but unless you're on that level, it's narrative suicide. As was the case with this fic too. The whole plot can be summarized as the OCs stumble into the town, feel unease and see that the gravels on the ground is bouncy for some reason, find a bunch of faceless ponies, then one with a slasher-smile, they shoot at it, then escape unharmed, while the town disappears. If this sounds lackluster to you, it's because it sadly is. I don't know these characters, I don't know this town, and the monsters other than being vaguely eerie don't really do anything.
Overall: 3/10 The sad thing is that what the author implied in this story had the potential to be genuinely unnerving. However, the fic's speed ruined that experience. Can't recommend.