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In Search of the Sun

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 20310/in-search-of-the-sun

Published: Apr '12May '12

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"In search of the sun" is a 42 thousand one hundred words story taking place in pre S3 Equestria. Princess Celestia is struck with a serious decease, and in order to find a cure Mane 6 have to reach the Eternal Realm, the place where all immortals are born, get the cure and come back. The problem is, only immortals can access this place, and Princess Luna has to stay in Canterlot and rule the Kingdom while treating to ill Celestia, so ponies have to use help of the only other immortal - Discord. Luna releases him from his stone prison and binds his powers to an enchanted chain which he cannot touch. And then Main 6 embark on the adventure, accompanied by Discord who is, unsurprisingly, not very happy about the situation.
I really liked characters in this story, everyone was written in a realistic manner and the way they interacted with each other seemed real. The story, which was more about the characters than the adventure itself was interesting, and i liked the finale. It is not a very long fanfic, and i think it wouldn't hurt if the author prolonged it a bit, for example, Discord's backstory could be expanded. But even with its current length it is a nice work, and if you like Discord i recommend checking it out. I'd give it 7/10.