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Talk Over Breakfast

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 507335/talk-over-breakfast

Published: Nov '21

Review in No. 37866995
'Talk Over Breakfast' is a two thousand word oneshot serving as a quasi-epilogue to 'A Royal Problem.' Starlight and Celestia are having breakfast after the former's ultimately successful map-mission. As Starlight recounts her life before and after meeting Twilight and Celestia explains her side of the story, the two realize just how similar their situation with Twilight is.
This fic is in a hard situation. Because it serves as an epilogue which could more or less fit right into the ending of the episode, it can only really build on what happens in the show. Due to this, much of the dialogue is just a summary of the episode's events without any novel ideas from the author. Don't get the wrong idea, the fic is comfy and the dialogue between Starlight and Celestia is heartwarming enough, but I feel like the author didn't really use the opportunity to its full extent. Nothing either of the characters say feels really new, the show either hints or outright spells out the feelings and events they admit in their conversation. I feel like to feel less like a "story-like recap," this fic should have focused a lot more on their inner thoughts or how Twilight would act when both her old teacher an current student are in the same room with her.
Overall: 5/10 I don't really wish to say anything bad about this fic, because it doesn't commit any big mistakes. However, it also doesn't do much with its concept and thus I was left feeling ambivalent at the end. I guess I recommend it if you really like canon-compatible SoL fics.