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Discursive Formations: Snow Patrol

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 469000/discursive-formations-snow-patrol

Published: May '20

Review in No. 37140471
This is a very good horror one-shot. Very atmpospheric.
The problem is that it presents the most predictable dilemma at the end, and then leaves with a cliffhanger.
A disservice ti what was a really engaging story, but it was written for a contest, so I suppose some compromises had to be made.
Still, as disappointing as the ending was, I don't regret reading it.
Review in No. 37146629
>tense and well structured
>atmospheric horror
>no gutpunch horror ending

>"you decide!" ending, instead
>crippling lack of detail of setting
>contrivances to keep the dilemma rolling

The Thing, but they sort of know there's a thing going on, but not really because Equestria's military is incompetent: the fic. Very well paced and with a steady building tension, the story is thrashed by the downfall of every horror oneshot: no details and contrivances. It's a strange, vague AU setting taking place in an arctic military outpost with malfunctioning sensors and a brass that refuses to tell the outpost what the fuck they're looking for so as to perpetuate the climax. What kind of early warning system is that? That, combined with failing magitech at the exact moment it's needed most, and you get a very standard horror oneshot ending, which is to say no ending, since you have to choose what happens.