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Build Me Up, Buttercup!

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 357813/build-me-up-buttercup

Published: Dec '16

Review in No. 37895745
In the short span of just under 1,200 words, Rainbow and Fluttershy develop a relationship and hook up.
That about describes the pace of the fic. The premise promised to be Dash and Fluttershy bantering, which does make up most of the plot. Most of it is inoffensive, just lacking all substance; Fluttershy is mostly OOC just because you'd never normally expect her to banter like that, but mostly not egregiously so (mostly). A few lines are quite grating, like Dash telling Fluttershy she's great at "roasting ponies".
The ending of the fic is mostly lolrandumb, Rarity walks out of the bushes and declares "she ships it", Fluttershy kisses Rainbow and runs away, and also Pinkie is there and immediately pops out with an engagement cake or something.

Overall rating: 3/10, it has no substance, it's lolrandumb and mostly OOC, but at least there were no scat jokes and it's so short that while there's absolutely no reason to read it, it barely wastes any of your time either.