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Redheart's War

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 464928/redhearts-war

Published: Jun '20

Review in No. 37225102
>Unique, rarely used protagonist that perfectly fits a warfic
>Pacing was phenomenal. Thought I was reading an 80k fic given how long it took, but it's only 40k long
>Blueblood's not a huge asshole
>Enough gore to make Snuff Anon blush
>Unique protagonist turns into standard PTSD warfic character bound by her duty and honor to keep fighting
>Weak climax given the constant hype it got

I'm shocked I never saw Redheart fit into a warfic before given how perfect she seemingly is for the role. A shame the story was ruined by being incredibly edgy, with tons of gore (T rating my ass), death, and a deep cynical despair wrapped up in a completely forgettable and standardized "war is hell" characterization seen countless times before in warfics. The tone was just really shitty, and not fitting what I like seeing from warfics, where Equestria's hope, valor, and enduring optimism win the day against evils like killing 40 POWs by drowning them in the ocean.