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Just a Bat... a Bat on the Hunt for Headpats!

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 479402/just-a-bat-a-bat-on-the-hunt-for-headpats

Published: Oct '20

Review in No. 37253750
>light and fluffy
>not terribly written
>not nearly enough comedy, a weirdly common trait in these wacky batpone fics
>runs out of steam halfway, then abruptly ends

Fully on the mango side of the batpony thread, it follows a bat who tries to prove to Ponyville's she's not a stereotypical bat, only for the hi jinks to immediately end before they even really begin, leaving the story bare and in desperate need of some humor. I was also annoyed the term "fruit bat" was used to describe her, since my mind immediately started to imagine her as a literal bat.