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Manehattan Blues

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 203159/manehattan-blues

Published: Jul '14Sep '14

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Manehattan blues is a 40k word short story starring Babs Seed and her friends as they go through life as a band of petty crooks. A new member of their little band joins up called White Dove and because shes a retard, steals from someone shes not supposed to and kicks off a series of events that throws the entire gang out of sorts.
This story comes right out as the kind of inner city rot style that could easily have plagiarized all of its plot points out of a 90s crime dramocumentary. It spend quite a bit of time making sure you know that this is an m rated fic for adults. I enjoyed the characters and they acted beleiviably, but it ultimately was just another tropey inner city living story with pony haphazardly smeared over the top. Hoodlum and her band of friends are up to no good, New person shows up, new person fucks up, hoodlum fucks up, things escalate, people die, and then suddenly there's a rape scene that just comes off as comically over the top and the story ends with our protagonist worse off then when she started leaving me with a whole lot of "what was the point"
Overall its a 5/10, easily readable, no over the top flaws but there's not alot to really sink your teeth into for its length, it doesnt do a whole lot with the setting or its premise, and what it does do is tropey and uninspired. Pass on this if you have anything less then a strange obsession for fics featuring downtown inner city crime from the kids perspective