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Fear and Loving in Las Pegasus

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Published: Jun '20

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This was pretty good.
The short of it is that Filthy Rich and Barnyard Bargain are in the deep red after his divorce. Meanwhile, Sweet Apple Acres is deep in the red after Granny Smith's fourth hip replacement and being mortgaged up to their eyeballs. Both think the best course of action is to marry their kids together so they each can solve their monetary problems with the other family's fortune.
The comedy is on point, at least for me. I got quite a few chuckles out of the whole thing, and the emotional parts were nice, too.
I suppose I should mention that the story is really split in two parts. One is AJ and Filthy Rich organising the wedding in Las Pegasus, trying to get teh other to foot the bill, which is the one that has the most comedy. The other part is Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom going on their pre-honeymoon--which is just an excuse to get them out of the way while the wedding gets organised--their little misadventures, and them actually warming up to the idea of marriage.
Overall, a nice romantic comedy, even if a bit light on the romance.
Also, Cadence wears an Elvis suit.
Read it.