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Published: Mar '16May '16

Review in No. 38034220
As Rarity works to create the boutique of her dreams, a forgotten piece of Ponyville’s past is waking up. Secret memories lie forgotten in dusty basements, unrighted wrongs scratch at locked doors, and she finds herself caught up in a history that may be doomed to repeat itself.
- atmospheric horror
- fantastic climax that's slowly built up
- has a great setting (pre-show Ponyville) and characterization
- starts like a glacier
- post-climax is fumbled a little
- follows a standard atmospheric horror plot (creepy place, character goes to creepy place, creepy stuff happens, reason for creepy stuff is revealed, character and reason face off.)
When the summary promises a slow-burning, atmospheric horror, it delivers. There were no cheap scenes put in for shock value; much like Rarity, the true horror of the story slowly creeps up on you, becoming more and more suffocating as it goes on, teasing you with glimpses of what lies in the dark before culminating in a satisfying climax.