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Within and Without

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 18270/within-and-without

Published: Apr '12

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Very average Tunafic. Some details that are particularly impressive given its age are how well Cloudy Skies understands the Tuna ship, and how the worldbuilding for Gryphonia almost exactly matches the show. It's a great adventure, and Luna's characterization is outstanding.
Unfortunately, the whole M6 are dragged along, it would have been far better with Tuna, RD, and Rarity comprising the cast. Applejack especially should have been a silent background pony like she is in the show, instead she's just continuously a shithead, offensively stupid and lacking in empathy. Finally, and most importantly, the fic is dragged down with a sudden, bizarre and poorly explained shipping polyhedron between RD, PP, FS and Gilda.