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FimFiction Link - Short ID: 134178/faster

Published: Oct '13

Review in No. 37261906
It was fun. I think as good as it could be with under 20k words.
The short of it is that Dash is getting older and slower, which totally blows. As she flies one night, she pushes herself to her absolute limit and ends up meeting... someone. The story isn't clear about it, but it's some sort of primeval force of existence that grants wishes. One time this little filly wanted to be the sun, her sister wanted to be the moon, those kind of wishes. There was also this filly who wanted all the love, and that didn't turn out so well, but hey, not everyone reacts the same way.
Point is, Dash wishes to be faster, so the bright shining orb that speaks in odd ways grants her wish. She is now faster.
Funny thing about Dash's use of the comparative, she now has a constant desire to move, to achieve goals as quickly as possible and set a new one, to keep going and never settle. This of course, spells doom for Dash's current lifestyle, work, and relationships. And also her life, period.
You see, just as Celestia and Luna were changed from ponies to alicorns, and Chryssalis got turned into a changeling, Dash is being turned into something else, something more than a pony, something that's actually kinda dumb, but hey, at least it's not Princess of Fast.
Anyway. To stop this, she just has to stop flying and take life slowly. She actually tries, but her brain has already changed, and there's no turning back. In the end, Dash abandons her equinity while saving Fluttershy, give in to the need to go faster, and ultimately becoming the embodiment of speed, with the Princesses covering up her death.
Overall, the story is fun. Good enough. It has a few issues, like RoboDash and the FlutterDash shiping. It wasn't bad, I just don't like that ship. But hey, if you can get over those two things, the story is really good, and i only wish it was longer.
And it kinda could've been.
It has a sequel, but it's been dead since 2014, and the author has been dead since 2020.
Still, as a standalone story, it's really good. I was very satisfied with it, and it's a definite recommendation.