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Bullet Point

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 174483/bullet-point

Published: Mar '14Jun '14

Review in No. 38112429
This story starts off with a tease of a magical mystery investigation that seems like it would make for a nice Tunafic. It is neither of those things, because the story is not nice and also has no Luna. Also, Twilight is murdered by Donut Joe almost immediately, turning it into a Pinkie fic and subsequently unsalvageable.
The story is supposed to be a mystery, but is surely only attractive to people who like exactly Dangan Ronpa or trashy shock fics.
Although in abstract, the reason for one of the ponies murdering another one makes sense, the choice of who is doing the murdering and who gets murdered is nonsensical. Also, the characters only put up a token effort to escape the estate before resorting to murder. The reader never has a chance to guess who is the murderer, all the clues are dropped seconds before his execution.
Related to all of this, the plot is on rails like nothing I've seen before. Most likely related to the video game, but still makes it a poor story adaptation. Presumably the ponies continue killing each other at a rapid pace after this, without good reasons, and with asspull clues left behind to get themselves blamed but I dropped it.