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All Smoke, No Mirrors

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 496407/all-smoke-no-mirrors

Published: Jun '21Jan '22

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After chapter 5, I was ready to write this off as yet another take on the Trust Once Lost formula: a brony wakes up in Equestria having been transformed into a foal, inexplicably tries to pass as a normal kid, and the main conflict is about whether they'll get caught. But here, the MC finds out in chapter 6 that she's taken over the body of an existing foal and is the filly's newest "imaginary friend" (alternate personality). She immediately comes clean to the doctors (she is, of course, in the hospital), and that takes the story in a more interesting direction. It's still not a great fic (it seems to be doing the typical meandering HiE thing, with no real conflict or planned-out plot), but at least it's not as boring as I first expected.