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What's In A Name?

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 497054/whats-in-a-name

Published: Jun '21

Review in No. 38296942
'What's In A Name?' is a one thousand and two hundred word oneshot. One of Cherilee's students has a very inappropriate name and she cannot help but take action.
Truth be told, in terms of storyline there is not much to speak about, as this fic is largely just one continous setup-and-delivery of innuendos and double entendres. Still, just for the record, aside from a few missing capitalizations nobody cares about, the prose is fittingly quick and acts as a non-intrusive vessel for the jokes.
The real meat of this fic is, of course, the jokes and I have to say they all more or less hit nicely. From clever use of capitalizations, to very unfortunate usage of words, to turning common expressions into names, and finally portraying mundane objects mystical and dangerous, the fic unabashedly points out the comedic absurdity of pony names taken to an extreme.
The only joke that personally didn't hit too hard was the actual explanation behind little Toybreak's name. I don't blame the author since making up an innocent explanation for something so deeply rooted in anything but that must be pretty fucking hard, but compared to how natural the rest of the jokes felt in this fic, it was a bit contrived and handwavy.
Overall: 7/10 Still, this hardly means I didn't have fun with this story and I can safely recommend it to anyone who enjoys wordplays and silly names.