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Twilight Has Grey Hair

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 238054/twilight-has-grey-hair

Published: Dec '14

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'Twilight Has Grey Hair' is a one thousand and four hundred word comedy oneshot. The title basically tells you what the story is about.
Since this is a comedy fic, I don't want to give away any details. Instead I'd just like to mention how comfy this story feels. Though it was written in 2014, which is comparatively late when it comes to oldfics, it still very much has that show-like feeling and the whole scene could really easily fit into an actual early-seasons episode. Unicorn Twilight is just as spastic as we know and love her, the stakes are low, but pretty amusing, and the final punchline is both something you can easily foresee or completely miss, but it works just as well either way. The joke about Twilight teaching friendship at the school in particular hits a bit too close to home with the hindsight we now have.
Overall: 6/10 There is not much else to say. The story is funny and comfy, but it's really just a long setup for a very simple joke. If you want a quick smile after a long day it's perfect.