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It's Also About Time

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 86084/its-also-about-time

Published: Feb '13

Review in No. 38122510
It's Also About Time is a time travel fic. It's an interesting premise since the whole plot subverts the "fuck up a spell and end up in a bad future" plot. The future Twilight ends up in is perfectly fine since the villain's spell was fucked up and he gets the shit beat out him by the M5. I had honestly thought a "lotus eater machine" plot was sneakily being done and Twilight would unravel the "perfect future" with the revelation it was all part of the villain's plan to keep her in a sedated state while he used her as a magical battery thing.

But no, the plot really was just what was on the surface. The last two sentences of the synopsis are big fucking liars. And that was for the worse, since it meant the mystery and suspense of such a plot was replaced with Twilight and the M5 in a room talking. For two chapters. And since the timeline gets erased in the end, it also meant all the stuff they talked about was pretty meaningless in the end--only serving to reinforce Twilight's decision to be the one to kick the shit out of the villain.

One of the classic cases of my imagined plot for the story really being more exciting than the story itself.