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K'awka Supay

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Published: Oct '18

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'K'awka Supay' is a ten thousand and seven hundred-word oneshot. Pinkie bakes a cake, this summons hell.
I admit I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started reading this story. Though I've heard the author's name being mentioned a lot, I've never actually read any of their stories so I am very pleased to say that I am not just not disappointed, but rather very pleased by what I found in this story.
Even if we put the plot to the side, the prose is, for lack of a better word, awesome. The fic operates with fairly long sentences, but this is to an excellent effect. Nothing feels tacked on, these long lines are fully utilized to paint vivid descriptions. It's energetic, jovial, and so colorful that I had no trouble visualizing even the most dynamic scenes. If I ever wrote something half this good, I'd already be incredibly happy. Hell, it even does some clever time-cuts with italics, done in a way that's immediately obvious and doesn't throw you off balance, even though timeskips can easily lead to such.
But excellent prose can't really carry a story alone. Thankfully the story doesn't lack on this department either. Romances aren't my go-to genre, but I had a lot of fun with this one. I think what makes it click so well is that the relationship between Twilight and Pinkie is both the focus and not the focus. I know that sounds stupid, but it's genuinely the best way I can put it without spoiling its narrative. The surprisingly tense action and the wild way the location the duo are in changes turns what would be a very sappy story into one that makes you feel excited and almost worried for the characters, even though the final outcome is practically obvious from the get go.
The characterization is great too. Bookhorse is cutely autistic and Pinkie brings all her energy without feeling annoying for a moment. I loved their lines and I loved how well they work off each other. The humor is never too in your face in the story, but I think this also works very nicely. Small wordplays and the sheer absurdity of the situation makes for a mood that might not make you laugh loudly, but - at least in my case - will cause you to find the whole thing deeply charming and humorous.
The only thing I personally found a tiny bit lacking in the story is not getting Pinkie's point of view. I am fairly certain this was a conscious choice from the author, but it makes the whole thing feel just a tiny bit one-sided. I just found this odd because of course this fic is mostly about Twilight realizing (over a quite convoluted turn of events) that she really does love Pinkie, we never get to inside her head, even though the story makes it quite clear that she has plenty of internal turmoil as well.
Overall: 9/10 Absolutely cute story with loving prose and action that feels as engaging as it is wacky. If Twilight X Pinkie is your fancy, I can absolutely recommend this story.