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Factory of the Magical Variety

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 494715/factory-of-the-magical-variety

Published: May '21

Review in No. 37151759
Shitfic, don't read.

The one interesting thing here is the idea, also seen in David Silver's https://www.fimfiction.net/story/372065/fading-suns-a-new-world, of a citizen of some interstellar empire discovering Equus and staking a claim to the entire planet, for the ponies' own good. You know, the MC just doesn't want some bad guy to come along and claim the place and start exploiting the locals, that's all.

Of course, having seen what recently happened to Freenode, the real question here is: what happens if the ponies decide they don't want the MC's "protection" any more? This doesn't get addressed at all by either fic (though I admit I dropped the Fading Suns crossover shortly after Twilight gets into an arranged marriage with the MC for political reasons). But presumably the answer is that there are plenty of scary mofos with big honkin' space guns who'd be happy to help the "lawful" "owner" of this backwater planet put down a weird horse insurrection.