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One Door Closes...

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 467055/one-door-closes

Published: May '20

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'One Door Closes...' is a ten thousand-word erotic oneshot. Applejack is feeling down on her luck, drinking in a dingy bar, when suddenly an unexpected turn of events happen.
Considering the author's reputation (same person who wrote 'FiMC') I'm not even sure if this warning is necessary, but regardless: If the mere mention of the word "anthro" (or mare on mare) ignites the need for righteous crusade in your heart, you probably won't enjoy this story. For everyone else, I can assure you that this is really more "human with pony characteristics" instead of vice-versa. Characters have tails and Celestia has her horn and wings, but beyond that there is little pony-like about them. I personally didn't find this distracting, but I'm pretty sure this part is what could turn off most.
In terms of technicalities, this is a very well-written story. The prose is varied and playful, and it goes into just enough detail to be hot without needing to break the flow of the "action." Though the descriptions are elaborate, there is nothing I'd really call purple. I also really appreciate that the author struck a balance in portraying AJ's countryside-accent without compromising on comprehension. Sunhorse's extremely polite and measured speech breaking down into insecurity and passion was also very naturally done and it was as surprising as it was enjoyable.
But since we're here, let's talk characters. Obviously this is a romance-porn story, two topics the show either very lightly touched or, unsurprisingly, not at all. Despite this the author nicely adapted the two main characters' personalities to fit the situation. Though it's not the main point, the fic doesn't shun from some fun verbal and situational comedy, and I admit I found it very funny how AJ tries to balance between giving Celestia her due courtesy, while also telling her to cut the crap. Similarly the over-the-top (but still not overindulgent) arm-wrestling scene was also pretty funny, while also tying very elegantly into romantic catharsis that follows.
As we're still talking about a clopfic, I'll talk about that side of things too. Since I'm not exactly familiar with many such stories, the best description I can give is that it's softcore with hints of more to it. By this I mean that the sex depicted is fairly vanilla, with lots of cuddling and kissing, however, especially around the ending of the story, the characters do talk about doing kinkier things to each other. Obviously if you're looking for brutal BDSM mindbreaking you'll be more than disappointed, but if you're simply interested in two girls making love, you'll probably be left without want.
Overall: 8/10 If you are looking for a fairly simple romantic tale ending in soft sex and some light philosophizing, and don't mind the lack of hooves, I can really easily recommend this either as wank material or just a story to enjoy for its characters.