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It Takes a Village

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 6195/it-takes-a-village

Published: Jan '12

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This is a story about Spike growing up in more ways than one. Spike has become too large to comfortably fit in Ponyville, so he and the citizens of Ponyville must do what it takes to make sure he belongs. Along the way, Spike has to face challenges that come with being a dragon in a land of ponies.
I was enthralled throughout the first half of the story, but something major happens afterwards that sorta shifts the story's focus. It's still worth reading after that, aside from chapter 16 and the epilogue. Don't read those unless you really want to see the resolution of a certain plot point.

The good:
>great slice of life scenes
>Spike's development
>the familial relationship between Twilight and Spike
>the early season feel
>Princess Luna
>the first half of the story
The mediocre:
>the dragon/pony relations plot
>Huffy and Trixie
>the later chapters
The bad:
>the anti-dragon protests
>the final chapter and epilogue

Overall, I highly recommend it.