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Twilight Accidentally Mails Celestia Porn

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Published: Oct '15

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'Twilight Accidentally Mails Celestia Porn' is a six thousand-word anthro, comedy oneshot. The synopsis should be fairly obvious.
Based on the M rating, the Anthro tag, and the Sex tag, I was expecting quite a different story, but if anything this is a good example that there is a big difference between it and the Porn tag. While the fic presents some pretty shameless implications and plenty of 'flavorful' descriptions, there is - strictly speaking - no porn in this plot. However, what this story (intentionally) lacks in the wank department, it makes up for with a hilarious little glimpse into Bookhorse's slow inner death of shame. Twilight flailing around like a fish cast ashore has not been so entertaining since 'Lesson Zero' as she plans up more and more convoluted plans to placate Celestia and by the end Luna as well. Despite the obviously not show-like topic, she feels surprisingly faithful to her canon behavior and though the story doesn't shy away from being deeply melodramatic, there is nothing I would really call out of character.
I also have to mention Spike. To my biggest shock, he is actually done justice here. It may have taken an anthro, almost-porn fic to do it, but everyone's favorite dragon in this story acts out the "one sane person" role he sometimes took in the show in a great way. He is sardonic and clearly fed up with Twilight's shit, yet doesn't act in a mean way for a moment. What I also liked is that though he technically causes the conflict in this story, it isn't handled as "haha retarded dragon messed it up again," but rather as an honest accident that still manages to be funny due to situational comedy.
Speaking of, the humor in this fic is not really the knee-slapper type, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't audibly chuckle at some of the jokes. Most of the comedy comes from horribly awkward situations and Twilight's abject horror, which is something I can personally appreciate. It's earnestly and unapologetically over-the-top, but because the story never even implied it wants to be taken seriously, it all works out nicely.
The only real negative aspect I can bring up is the fact that there is nothing in this story that really warrants it to be anthro. This is a bit of a dangling criticism to make, because the reason could easily just be "because the author wanted it so" or "because it makes talking about Celestia's tits possible/easier" but IMO the story would have worked just as well, if not better with ponies.
Overall: 7/10 While this fic didn't have quite the same impact as the other I've read from the author - probably intentionally, considering this is a silly comedy fic, while that one was far more serious romance (and porn) one, I still thoroughly enjoyed my time with the story and, if the lack of (fore)hooves and lewding Sunhorse doesn't disturb you too much, I can easily recommend it.