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Summer Island

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 289663/summer-island

Published: Sep '15

Review in No. 37169651
Protags are grownup Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle who find each other after a long time. Honestly, I loved it: the prose flows well and the story is very emotional, main theme is melancholy and nostalgia for a past that you loved and seems to be gone now, contrasted with hope for the future.
Just read it, it's amazing imo
Review in No. 40329232
Summer Island is a 10,8k words Adventure~ish story. Scootaloo is now an airship pilot and she encounters Sweetie Belle after a long time when the latter is looking to travel to some faraway land.
This is tagged Adventure, but it should really be SoL or Drama. The story carries a melancholic mood. Scootaloo is happy with her new life, but you can tell there's the longing for the days before. Sweetie Belle has a similar conflict, but it's worse in her case because her singing career has taken a turn due to her being under pressure from the record label. She just needs a vacation, and doesn't care if she's leaving a lot of important things on hold.
The trip itself is fun. Rather uneventful, but it does a good job of showing the inner workings of a small scale airship. Also, seaponies. Anyway, the heart of the story is still that conflict of your current life and the nostalgia for your younger years. I think it's handled pretty well.
In the end, we don't have a big resolution, but an understated conclusion that leaves both Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo satisfied. They're happier now, and they feel optimistic when they think about the future.
Overall, a pretty enjoyable tale. Definitely recommend it.