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I Love To See You Smile

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Published: Nov '12Jan '14

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I Love to See You Smile is a 38k word love/lust story in which Rarity is having a rough time dealing with work-related stress. To distract herself, she goes to SugarCube Corner and she tells Pinkie about her problems, and Pinkie in turn suggests she should let off some steam by giving the ol’ honey pot a stir.
Very few stories manage to mix sex and story in a way that doesn’t feel one was put in to justify the other, and this is one of the few instances where the story uses the sex scenes to further the characterization of the protagonists, adding depth to them.
Both Pinkie Pie and Rarity have deep-seated issues that add layers to their characters, and they work towards solving those issues throughout the story, not only through sex but also by talking things out and spending time together, igniting feelings for each other in the process.
Eventually, Pinkie confesses to having been attracted to Rarity for quite some time. Meanwhile, Rarity starts to develop feelings for Pinkie when she learns more about her, and it’s all so, so well-written.
This story has several sections that are long inner monologues, but the narrative is so engaging I was swept along and enjoyed every sentence, every time Rarity stopped to think about her past with Pinkie, their shared experiences, and how she perceives Pinkie’s peppy personality and the ways it contrasts and complements her own.
As their tale progresses, you really come to care for them, and that investment in their motivations and aspirations, their desire to overcome their own flaws and get together make their intimate moments carry all that more impact. That's something I've so rarely come across in romance, and it is immensely gratifying. I made little happy noises whenever they overcame a hurdle and grew closer to one another, and squealed like a schoolgirl when they got engaged by the end of the story.
I can confidently say that “I Love To See You Smile” is one of my all-time favourites. It's a slow-cooking romance story with a good dose of sex, a healthy dash of compelling character exploration, and a happy resolution. What’s not to love?