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Gift of Divinity

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 517727/gift-of-divinity

Published: Jun '22Aug '22

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Better known as 'Hailey Potter 5.0'. The fic is rather short. It's only 11 chapters and 35k words. It hasn't yet been cancelled, but it's clear from the author's notes and comments that it's almost certainly dead. By chapter 6, it's clear to all involved that the main cast is far far too powerful. Hailey is a unknowingly a goddess, has hair that makes the very best clothes/wands, and "just knows things". The most generous interpretation I've seen is that they were going for a Haruhi plot.

That's really all that I have to say. Credit to the author for catching the mistake and quitting early, but I'm very sad to see them repeat mistakes that they should know to avoid by now. Maybe read this if you enjoyed The Boy Who Disappeared, but that fic was better. This is easily the least remarkable Hailey Potter.

Just one more fic before I'm free of this curse. For reasons mentioned in my review of The Accidental Invasion, I'm optimistic about 6.0.