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A Prank To Die For

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 526368/a-prank-to-die-for

Published: Nov '22

Review in No. 39289689
A Prank to Die for is a 3600 word slice-of-life oneshot.
While the characters are slightly OOC in the fic, it's more that they're exaggerated rather than wrongly portrayed. Spike's insignificance, Twi's neurotism, Trixie's schizophrenia, Rainbow's retardation, etc, are all turned up to eleven. Actually, no, Trixie's pretty show-accurate.
While all that would be annoying in a long format fic, in a simple comedy oneshot it actually makes for decent jokes.
Overall, pretty decent short fic if you're looking for simple fun. 6/10.