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I Waited For You

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 240596/i-waited-for-you

Published: Apr '15

Review in No. 39333994
"I Waited for You" is a 9.6k word slice of life romance detailing Twilight and Celestia's relationship.
Right off the bat, it's not what I was expecting going into it. I was expecting the story to be about them slowly falling in love. Instead, it's a story that spans most of Twi's life.
I went into it expecting cozy slice of life, but the fic hits you in the feels pretty hard, and I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff.
Only, the emotional climax of the story didn't hit nearly as hard as it could have. Ultimately, the story is too short for what it's trying to achieve, and you don't really get all that attached to this version of the characters.
There's a (spoilery) detail in how alicorns are handled that I don't particularly like.
The prose is also very good. It's a bit flowery at times, but it's always used responsibly with respect to the scene it's in.
Overall, I'll give it a solid 6/10. It's a good story and a good read, but ultimately too short to have an impact, so it's stuck with "good".