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Trial Run

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Published: Feb '13Mar '13

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Trial run is a 20k words AppleDash fic by Eyes on You's author. I'm glad to report Eyes on You was not a fluke. This story is as enjoyable as it is straight(heh)forward. After one of Pinkie's parties, Dash is helping Rarity back home, and Rarity being Rarity questions Dash about an intimate moment she shared with Applejack earlier that night, and if there's something between them.
Dash catches her off guard by openly admitting that she has feelings for AJ, but wouldn't consider a relationship with her. Rarity asks why, and Dash explains it just wouldn't work. The story uses this phrase I like, "a head-in-the-clouds pegasus and a down-to-earth pony" to show why things wouldn't work out.
Rarity will have none of it, and forces Dash into a bet. AJ and Dash will go on a date for a few days leading up to Hearts and Hooves Day to see how things go between them.
Honestly, this was downright pleasant to read. There's barely any drama, it's just two ponies who complement each other living their lives and appreciating what each means to the other. Of course, there's some conflict near the end, when they have to finally decide what to do about them as a couple, and what sacrifices each is willing to make.
I don't want to say anything more than what I have to. You should definitely read this fic for yourself. It's no masterpiece, but it's certainly wonderful.