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Flurry Heart is Evil!

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 527372/flurry-heart-is-evil

Published: Dec '22

Review in No. 39447380
Flurry Heart is Evil! is a 28,506 word comedy about Cadance coming to the conclusion that her daughter, who paints miniatures and listens to rock music, is actually possessed by Sombra.
This was a pretty enjoyable comedy about a mother learning that her daughter isn't the kind of daughter she expected to have. The joke of Cadance just simply not understanding her daughter's interest doesn't wear out its welcome mainly thanks to how short the story is.
There's a few fun little hints at what's to come through the story that don't get revealed until near the end but I picked up on them. Overall a fun story that doesn't take up too much time and has a cute ending of reconciliation (and murder).