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Scooching Away Five Inches

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 529006/scooching-away-five-inches

Published: Jan '23

Review in No. 39482319
Well this was fucking mediocre. If you're mildly interested in the "mystery" but don't want to bother reading:
>Celestia noticed Rarity has been moving away from her whenever they sat together the past week
>Celestia asks Luna to observe
>Luna observes and does precisely fuck all
>Celestia tests it by cuddling in bed
>Rarity moves away again
>Celestia finally asks why
>Rarity says it's because Celestia is literally too hot, because muh sun, and she can't stand the heat because she's been wearing too many layers for the formal events the past week and wants to cool down

It's the dumbest fucking thing. The pairing itself is interesting, but the fic refuses to explore it beyond "I suspect she's treating me like Princess Celestia instead of just me :(" for about three disconnected lines of dialogue.
And the characters themselves sucked too. If it wasn't for the stupid reason given for Rarity's behaviour, you could literally replace Celestia and Rarity with any two other ponies and not notice any difference. I guess Luna was the closest to being her canon self, but barely and mostly through being tired because she's staying up past her bedtime.
Hard to believe EQD gave this thing an entire post of its own.
Review in No. 39482392
It's fine but nothing more than that. The mystery turns out to be pretty dumb and the characters are exaggerated/flanderized for comedic effect but if you're looking for a cute, bite-sized fic, you could do worse than this. You could do much better, too.
The very definition of 'ok', I can't really recommend it. 5/10