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Do Changelings Dream of Twinkling Stars?

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 193262/do-changelings-dream-of-twinkling-stars

Published: Jul '15

Review in No. 39498628
A noir mystery fic, the story follows a unicorn detective as his changeling investigations uncover a conspiracy that threatens to unravel the government. Overall, a very enjoyable fic in the noir genre. Not too cynical or overplaying the genre. I particularly liked the "changelings just trying to life a peaceful life" angle that was employed throughout. Kinda wish the whole story more centered on that theme and the conflict between the pony FBI and changelings and the eroding morals of Equestria in favor of "safety" and less on the conspiracy stuff, which felt pretty standard. The various red herrings and twists were enjoyable when being read, but looking back, I realize they grew a bit too convoluted in their attempts to trick the reader and got tangled a bit. Still, pretty engrossing.