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Don't Look at the Fog

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 411545/dont-look-at-the-fog

Published: Jul '18

Review in No. 39521624

Twilight wakes up in an abandoned Ponyville surrounded by a dense fog and has to unravel what's going on while being nerfed by headaches. This was a fic that sounds great conceptually showing the incomprehensibility of an eldrich abomination but ended up being pretty shit to read. The story is incredibly confusing and just a general pain to piece together as Twilight randomly wanders around, out of chronological order, and even when the author finally lays it all bare at the end, as though recognizing readers wouldn't have been able to figure it out, it still leaves with the critical question How did Twilight actually defeat the comet monsters? unanswered. I can't believe I would have rather had a "journey to the center of the mind" plot.