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Shatter, Silence. Shatter

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 379554/shatter-silence-shatter

Published: Jul '17

Review in No. 39595491
In which Luna has to keep the evil within her own mind at bay.
The prose itself is evocative and while I enjoyed the individual sentences and the picture they painted, I feel as a whole it's aimless. Spoilers for a 1,7k word one-shot: The darkness within Luna that caused her to become Nightmare Moon is still inside of her. She has to actively supress it every day.
It's an interesting concept, and the author clearly had the skills to make it shine. However, it never amounts to anything beyond the most superficial approach at the idea before the story is over.
Granted, it's only part 1 of 31. The author seems to be going for an experimental approach of several stories inspired by the soundtrack of an anime series. I suppose the rest of the stories explore this idea further, but then I wonder why make it different stories instead of chapters.
Nevertheless, it's a fun story, but not one that amounts to anything on its own.