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Why Don't We Just Eat the Unicorns?

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 530479/why-dont-we-just-eat-the-unicorns

Published: Jan '23

Review in No. 39597899
'Why Don't We Just Eat the Unicorns?' is a one thousand and six hundred-word comedy oneshot. Applejack has a modest proposal.
Since the fic is largely one letter, followed by a tiny scene, there is not much point in measuring its prose in the usual way. Instead, I'll say that it was satisfying to see that something was off about AJ's letter from the get go which the story's ending confirms as well. I guess it's a case of thinking too hard about it on my part, as I expected her to have her element corrupted because of the alternate timeline and because of that lie her ass off, albeit in a pretty shoddy way so the reveal that she was simply utterly shitfaced was an additional joke, I'm not even sure the author intended or not.
Speaking of, because of the story's length most of the jokes hit for me. While none of them are quite kneeslappers, I snorted once or twice. Though I feel by the end one specific type namely AJ reiterating how much she loves the Moon got a bit overdone, but again, because the story is so short thankfully it just fell into the "not as funny as the first few times" category instead of "this ruins the fic". I do have to note that the ending punchline's absurd banality hit nicely and is probably the best joke in the entire fic.
Overall: 5/10 Perhaps the issue is just with me—and, seeing the fic's score, this scenario is more than plausible—but while I didn't find any great issues with the story, it also didn't really leave any great impression on me. It was decent, but I feel the author's 'Applejack Gets Lost' utilized Appuls for jokes far better than this fic (as much as you can compare a oneshot with a longfic). Humor is a pretty subjective thing, however, so ultimately I'm ending my review with a "can recommend".
(P.S.: There is a decent 'Still Alive' parody in the comments using the story's scenario. If you read the fic, I recommend reading that as well.)