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Tantabus, Mk. II

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 316104/tantabus-mk-ii

Published: Feb '16

Review in No. 39833750
The tags for this fic are such a mix that it was hard to predict what I'd get reading it. I was expecting more philosophising, given the story description. Instead, it's way more comedy than anything else.
One of my favorite features of Tunafics is Twilight and Luna manipulating the dreamworld for eachother and generally using its irreality and malleability in lots of fun ways. The fic is right up there with those Tunafics in specifically that regard; it's almost entirely a series of silly dreamworld sequences where the Tantabus gives somepony or another what it considers to be a good dream for them.
Despite the Tantabus' silliness, I appreciate that Luna maintains a consistent concern about the risks of the Tantabus throughout the story.
Besides that, there's very little substance to this fic. It's primarily a vehicle for silly dream scenarios. Fortunately, the author is pretty good at this.