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FimFiction Link - Short ID: 453194/trypophobia

Published: Nov '19

Review in No. 39867237
Jokes aside, Trypophobia is an 8.6k word mistitled horror one-shot.
Do you like holes? Gloss Shine sure does, much to the curiosity of Twilight Sparkle.
I don't know why this story is called Trypophobia. Nobody fears these holes, they love 'em! Jokes aside, I like this story. It starts by presenting this weird idea and this weird pony developing an obsession with holes. Then it shows others may start developing this fixation while Gloss has a bit of a domestic crisis. After that, things keep on escalating as the true nature of these holes is revealed.
At under nine thousand words, there's not much room for a slow burn, but I like how it's executed. Just a constant ramping of the tension with each scene. It's really good. The author says he drew inspiration from Uzumaki by Junji Ito, and I can see the influence. I would've liked to see how more ponies would react to the hole debacle, but asking more of this story would be asking to turn it into a multichaptered one.
Trypophobia is still an enjoyable, creepy story.
You could say, a hole different level of horror.
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