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The Rasp

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 333372/the-rasp

Published: Jun '16Sep '16

Review in No. 39870858
The Rasp is a 17k word horror story written in a journal style that depicts a cannibalistic zombie~ish plague.
The story starts with the ponies of Ponyville going to see a comet. Afterwards, all the unicorns start getting sick. Feeling there's something wrong with their blood. Essentially, the plot of Night of the Living Dead. Overall, I think it's good. There's good build up, the tense moments are tense, Spike's a little shit, and it's missing the Tragedy tag.
Have you ever watched a found footage movie? But not those that are kind of cool and clever. I mean the ones where the people making the movie sometimes forget what "found footage" entails and they're just shooting regular scenes but they talk with the cameraman sometimes. That's kind of how this story feels. There are a couple of chapters where Spike is tied to a post and can't move his body, but that day still has a journal entry that contains descriptions of him being tied up. You could say this was written after the fact, but he's still tied the next day and the entry also is written as normal.
Aside from that weird stylistic detail, I think the story is pretty good. If you can put up with Spike, the story is kinda clever at times, and knows how to keep things tense.