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Night Shift - Sacred and Wild

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Published: Oct '16Mar '18

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Night Shift - Sacred and Wild is a 40k horror adventure fan spin-off to Twilight Sparkle: Night Shift. You can read it on its own, but you should really check the original, since it's pretty fun.
Okay, before I say anything about the story itself, I've got to make something clear. This is painfully unedited. There are a lot of missing words, wrong tenses here and there, and if I have to read "orchid" instead of "orchard" once more, I'll scream.
That being said, the plot is fun, and I feel the characterization is spot on.
Applejack has been turned into a... weretimberwolf? Something like that. She's been turned by an old evil, and it's the Night Shift's responsibility to rescue her. Trixie is assigner to the case, and since she's been helping Fluttershy keep her vampiric infection in check, she enlists her help.
I really liked how the fic portrays Applejack's mentality as it clashes with the timberwolf in her head. That and how she behaves differently while turned. Much like how Flutterbat behaves. Also, the antagonist is quite enjoyable--if a bit hammy at times. She feels like a real threat and her machinations are devious.
I will say that the fight against the harpies and Ursa Major in the middle of the fic felt like a drag, specially with those two OCs that don't really add much to the overall plot. I feel it could've been cut or summarised into a smaller scene to show the decay of the Everfree and the creatures in it.
Nevertheless, the rest of the story is quite enjoyable and I had a good time reading it.