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FimFiction Link - Short ID: 478767/kaidan

Published: Oct '20

Review in No. 39915040
Kaidan is a 40,5k words horror anthology. Twilight finds out about this sort of game, sort of ritual called "kaidan", in which a group of ponies lit up 16 candles and take turns telling a horror story before blowing out one candle until all have been extinguished.
I loved every second of this story.
Now granted, not all sixteen tales are winners, but even at their plainest, they were still engaging. Not only do we get one of the girls telling a scary story that varies from spooky and eerie, to gory and intense, all the way to existential and dreadful, but we also get to read their reactions at the end as they talk between them and offer opinions on the story. It was supremely comfy.
I don't want to talk more about this story than I absolutely have to. If you like horror, anthologies, and ponies being silly, give this a read.