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Heavenly Sphere

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 450649/heavenly-sphere

Published: Sep '22

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Heavenly Sphere is a 16k word horror story. Twilight invents magic Google. This is a bad thing.
What isn't a bad thing is this story's pacing. It's a bit slow, yes, but it's constant. Just perfect for a horror story.
We start with Twilight presenting this brand new spell that let's her look at anything, and get a detailed description of said object by pooling information from every available research paper. This presents a huge paradigm shift for basically every field of science.
Twilight is happy and proud of herself, but then realises that, since the only limit of the spell is what she can see, it means she can use this spell to further the field of astrology. And what better place to start than that weird empty space among the stars?
This story was a treat. Even though it's only 16k words, it felt bigger than that. Plus, I loved the way Luna was characterised here, as well as her view of the cosmos and what exists beyond.
Now for some big spoilers, but I want to talk about it.
Holy shit, Twilight is cocksuckingly retarded. If you get an endless stream of "No Escape" "Death" "Impossible" as the description of something, why would you think it's a good idea to send your mind into it? Really, that's the one big flaw of the story. Yes, Twilight's a huge nerd who sometimes gets blinded by her search for knowledge, but if everything is a red flag, you'd think she'd try running a few different tests before jumping straight into a black hole.
That aside, I give this a wholehearted recommendation. I'm happy I read it, and you should read it, too.