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Feed Them

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 171148/feed-them

Published: Feb '14

Review in No. 39940312
Feed Them is a 4,3k one-shot about denial.
The first story written in the series about a zombie apocalypse shows Spike scavenging the remains of Ponyville, looking for something edible. When he returns to Golden Oaks, he makes his way down the basement, and a cage that holds Twilight Sparkle.
I really liked this story. It's harsh to see Spike pretending so hard that everything's okay. That Twilight's not a rotting corpse. That Rarity may be out there, not sick. That their friends may not be sick. That there may be a cure for this right around the corner.
If you want a short story heavy on the horror and character drama, this is a good one.