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The Flower Mare

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Published: Apr '17Nov '17

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The Flower Mare is new to Ponyville. The Flower Mare offers a variety of beautiful and somewhat rare flowers. The Flower Mare hides something deep inside, and you can get a glimpse of it whenever she thinks nobody is looking.
This story is pretty good in some ways, average in others. But I can safely say I walk away from it satisfied.
Schneeblume came to Equestria after the war in her continent ended. She carries with her sadness and flower knowledge. The CMC get interested and decide to know more about her. Scootaloo fears she may be a spy. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle think she's being dumb. Nevertheless, they visit her house and find out her secret, to which Schneeblume tells them her story.
I think this may be the best nazi story in the site, if only by default. It never gets preachy about some side being right or wrong. It just dwells on the horrors of war, and how there's no glory to be found in the battlefield.
Schneeblume is a good character. Her arc goes exactly as you'd expect it to go once you start reading, but it's still a satisfying trek to the end.
I don't want to heap too much praise on the story, however. In the end, it's very basic in its approach. It starts how a story about a new person in town with a secret would start. The little hints and reveals are well paced, and keep the story engaging and enjoyable.
While it's a bit saccharine to have the talk between Schnee and the CMC be the catalyst of her recovery, I feel that scene may be the best of the story. You can tell her recount of the battlefield is drab, sad, and filled to the brim with grief and regret.
My biggest complain would be that the story ends right after that. Excellent, she took the first step towards feeling better about herself and her past. Oh, now here's a timeskip and an end on a high note. It's true that I don't think the story could've been expanded without turning into a multichaptered one, but surely there was room for a better send-off.
Nevertheless, I'm still glad I read this story, and you should give it a chance if you want.