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A Gay Old Time

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Published: Aug '15

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I read this story. Then I finished reading it. Then I didn't really remember much of it afterwards. I guess this type of comedy just isn't for me. I got a few chuckles every now and then, but overall I just couldn't get myself invested in anything of what was happening. I guess that's what it boils down to. I think Aragón's prose is alright. Even good at times. But I just don't care about these teenagers. I really don't. I don't care about their boozed up risque misadventures.
Maybe it's because I spent my teenage years avoiding social interaction, but I found their dialogue to be grating. Plus, all that CAPTION YELLING. God. I spent the first three chapters waiting for something to happen. For an adult to come and set things in motion and give things purpose. I even got excited when Spike popped up. That was my mental state at the moment.
I just skimmed over the last half. Some fun wordplay here and there. More grating dialogue. More capital letters. More teenagers.
I got a smirk out of the ending, but still. I can't say I enjoyed reading this. I didn't have a good time, but whatevs.